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Thread: My gems take years to upgrade

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    My gems take years to upgrade

    I have a pesky problem on hands, I have a lot of gems to upgrade yet I Don't have any horseshoe nor luckbug and I Don't know howto get them… any idea to get my hands on that?

    also what's with the LB which gives that, how to qualify for those rewards?
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    You get those boosters usually at the start of the week. They are a reward for things done in the previous week like killing world bosses and dungeons completed.
    Getting the gems to level 25 is the quick part compared to what follows.
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    Gem boosters could also help, you won't get many a weekly if you do the passive way but you could also buy credits an buy. They also give binding darkness here an there which is good for some rerolls

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    Thanks a lot guys, I was worried i'd stop getting them and that i'd have to farm for years to upgrade them without booster
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