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Thread: Which one first? New Server or Bug Fixes?

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    Red face Which one first? New Server or Bug Fixes?

    imagine that you are the developer of this game:

    Would you prefer to Fix Bugs then Buy a New Server OR... Buy a New Server then Fix Bugs? and why?

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    I'd get rid of gardening as it's a large reason lag is so bad now.
    Club update removed people having personal clubs, less lag. Now we all have personal clubs with these huge lag causing plants.

    I'd remove club members limit and increase the amount of people aloud in a single club.

    I'd add the option to fight all ST bosses at 1 time.

    I'd change the color of everything in the game to black and white, rename everything and call it new content... go collect all that if you need something todo...

    Then I'd make end game content worthy of trove as new players have years of content....

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    Bug fixes first. Some fixes can actually cause performance to improve. If you get a new server and migrate the game there, the bugs will still be existing. Some bugs have been around for months or even years and some of those bugs are from a player perspective actually quite annoying.

    Example of an annoying bug:
    I equip bombs (large and small) for both Q and T slots when I do hourly challenge. Sometimes after throwing a bomb, the slot goes empty. If I go to a cornerstone, loot collect and quickly sort my bags, those slots are either empty or contain other items.

    This same thing applies to build mode. I equip a block, the moment I use the laser once, that slot goes empty and I have to equip that same block again into that same slot.

    Both of the above bugs have been happening for a very long time.
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    Probably bugfixes and *optimization* since in the past Trion changed/added/whatever servers and didn't help much.

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