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    PC Login and Club Related Issues - Nov 22

    Around 9:00am PST we were looking into the recent PC login and club issues being reported.

    Then at 10:15am PST: A PC server hot fix is in for the recent clubs and log in issues, you should be able to connect correctly now.

    If you put in a support ticket for this and it's fixed for you, can you please update the ticket that it is resolved (it's a big help). If you are still having an issue with your club, let us know and submit or update a support ticket.

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    Club World - Telekinesis - missing structures after dreadful patch!

    Please tell me that you’re working tirelessly on figuring out how to fix this issue for your loyal patrons...

    I sent a complaint a few days ago about this issue and still have yet to hear from a Dev or Trion team member.. and I think that is ridiculous considering how much time and money that I spent playing this game.

    Multiple structures have been reduced to rubble after this patch.. we’re talking about thousands of glass blocks, lava, spikes, rail blocks, neon lights, decorative blocks and much more... I really hope you can recover these items...

    This was not my only club world that I build in.. I have multiple clubs that I am the solo builder/designer for that have also been struck down by your mighty hand.

    Please respond to this complaint, please give me some kind of hope and please reassure me that you care about your customers.

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