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Thread: Full month trove strike against lazy devs

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    You're really right Biomechdude, it's true that the developers are too unfit to do this kind of work, even the application has been crashed with a error code 37848-0, it's frustrate and I received twice in the evening and it may go up to 3 or 4 more times to have error code 37848-0 (the app just crash for nothing, but where is the # 1 stability!) It should fix that dirty server problem that annoys me strongly, my friend who is perfectQc has been bugged, he can not teleport directly into another world too, it is stuck in the hub just like me. I consider that the trove server has become too unstable because of the inept devs, I am no longer wanting to play until the server go back to normal and stable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarity_Page View Post
    Unfortunately downtime is a side affect of it being an MMO, whilst the downtime is super annoying it is necessary, and if they extend that down time it's because they need to.... just be thankful that this it isn't being ran the same way old Defiance was after the staff changes... laggy & ridiculously grindy with strong push towards (not so micro) micro-transactions

    Game back online now and completely unplayable with no word of a fix... I'm gonna make some nice gravy to poor on my Hat with a healthy serving of "my own words" now make it a bit more palatable
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    Yea ain't it great....

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