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    Trove's Turkeytopia Returns!

    Greetings, Trovians!

    Turkeytopia returns to Trove, and with it comes some fowl company! Those sneaky gobblers have escaped once again... so it's up to you to take them to tasty task between November 19 and December 3 (3 AM PST/11 AM UTC).

    Take on the Dream Gobblers in Dragonfire Peaks!

    Burn these birds to a crisp and your bravery will be well rewarded: these tricky turkeys drop Turfoku, the main ingredient for Qubesly's Family Recipe! Follow its guidance to cook up a Turkey Cornucopia, a powerful new food that'll spice up your life. Dream Gobblers also have a chance to drop the seasonal Turkey Stuffin' Box, which can net you a Trotting Turkey mount or the Wings of Unexpected Ascension. Pretty good reasons to raise havoc in Dragonfire Peaks, right?

    This year's festivities bring with them a new friend, the Cranberry Pilotl. This charming ally awaits you in Turkeytopia's adventure chain, along with other tantalizing rewards!

    Be sure to log in every day for your daily rewards and so that you can feast upon the fun that awaits you!

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    So I already am going to put feedback in.

    Gardening in a questline?

    Not something I would want to do.
    Especially if you need to wait 3 days to harvest. If you don't have any golden cans.

    Turkeys should be everywhere not just in Peaks.

    Only 2 new items.

    Lastly since the forums are kinda being neglected.
    We should have more information on what events are coming up.
    Updates and other things that are not social media related.

    Not everyone has a Twitter or facebook.

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    For me, It is nice to see gardening be useful and a welcome change from bomber royal (ewww) in many of the quest lines. Perhaps it will encourage others to explore different aspects of the game.

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    Thanks for the gardening feedback, we'd like to hear more constructive feedback for events!

    Regarding upcoming events, we'll try to be more active on forums when we have news about updates coming up.

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    Make The Forums Great Again - or focus on something else?

    Thank you for your positive response regarding the forums and the need to update them. If you guys feel that it's too much to keep it updated I recommend you clearly state what type of information, if any, we should expect here and on other platforms. I for one would love more development being made instead of pouring resources in trying to keep up with several different communication channels. Perhaps put that work into support?

    Feedback on the event:
    I too feel that you should use the events more to nudge people towards different parts of the game.
    There are plenty of content that would be well suited to include in events. If some of the players don't like the steps/content then they don't need to do participate in the event. Events aren't forced upon us. You can always choose not to participate (even though that might feel like an impossible option for some players, me included).

    I would also like that the events and the outcomes of the events become more or less permanent changes in the game. And if it's possible could span over longer periods of time, if nothing else in design.

    For example the Sunfest 2019 event where invaders bombed hub and damaged the statue. After a while it changed to being repaired, and finally back to it's original form. That gave a sense of the event being bigger than it was. I'm sure you have tons of players/creators who would love to re-design something in the game for an event.

    It would have been awesome to see a House Tysorion (or one of the other houses) in the hub until next time the awesome power of Trovians are needed again. Again a semi-permanent addition in the hub that would make the events build a story that spans over more than a few weeks. Why not make the house who won sell banners (in their color ofc) that could give a small house specific boost? The possibilities are endless!


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    omg yes, just finished this event. Now even though I was done in a few minutes it was epic.
    Hunting around a biome 10 levels below my current rank for turkeys randomly was fun, woooo that was tricky, that last one was hiding out on me.
    Think i clicked a few buttons or something for the next few then had to do a shout out to borrow a plant... that I can see will be annoying for some people and i have planted a few things to help out in the coming days..
    The best part was having to go do recipe dungeons that I have not needed 4 3 years, that brought back some memories, let me tell you what...
    What even better was then I had to go to specific recipe dungeons after being able to do random ones.... again tricky and fun fun fun....
    event over.... had every thing from the last 3 times i did this event i guess.

    I fully understand why under the deep or over the derp or was it your in to deep update is not out yet... working on this event must have been time consuming.
    Great event, cant wait to do it again next year...

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    constructive feedback is stop re-hashing the same events over and over again. this game needs something brand new. even the "Into the Deep" update coming eventually is old content. its just the rampage bosses or the ST bosses with a new pile of health. the update will give us 0 power creep. please for the love of trove, please give a **** and come out with something thats actually new. give the players that have been playing for years and are maxed a reason to play daily again. give new players a reason to want to make it to the pinnacle of power. Just a side note, where is that "email/ newsletter" dragon we were supposed to get like 2 years ago, or the cosmic prime dragon?

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