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Thread: 18,500 Credits (3,500 bonus)

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    18,500 Credits (3,500 bonus)

    What happened to the bonus? I purchased this pack twice and didn't get my bonus's :'(

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    The wording is sorta confusing on that. Somewhere it does add that it is (15,000 plus 3,500 bonus), so the 18,500 actually includes the bonus. It is considered a bonus because if you bought the credits at the highest no bonus rate of 5 bucks for 750 credits it would equal 15,000 for about $100. They do sometimes have sales on credits though (sometimes better than others), so watch for those to stock up, maybe for the upcoming holidays.

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    oh man, thank you for explaining that to me. I was shocked when I saw the bonus wording but not the numbers in the credits. Thank you

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