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Thread: Was in hospital for nine days, came back and candy corn were gone

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    Was in hospital for nine days, came back and candy corn were gone

    I had put a solid 30+ hours during the halloween event this year, toward getting the massive amount of candy corn that I had stored away in my personal chest. There was between 4 and 5k of candy corn in total stashed away in there, along with just under 12k pumpkins, right before I had to get my surgery. Then I come on today, and all of the candy corn are gone, yet the pumpkins are still there, and so are my 3 skelly's chests. They aren't in the any of my chests, including the one's I have in my personal vault, nor are they there under the dragon coin tab in my inventory. That is between 3-4mil flux worth of candy corn that the game had taken away from me, along with the 30+ hours spent getting them all was time lost.

    I'd greatly appreciate it if someone from the Trove staff were able to return the candy corn to me somehow, as this is a bug that a lot of people tend to experience in one form or another.

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    They've warned us way before Shadow's Eve that Candy Corn and other event currency (such as Lucky Dust) would disappear after Shadow's Eve, and it only disappeared TODAY, so you had plenty of time even before going to the hospital for nine days...

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