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I got a bunch of stuff in my claims today with the text "thank you for your patience" and got ONE empowered gem box. I was supposed to get 12, and I get one, and a bunch of unrelated stuff (clovers, ninth lives, horseshoes, luckbugs). Is this supposed to be a joke, Trion? Literally the one week I actually put an effort into a leaderboard and not only do I get screwed out of my rewards, I get this "consolation prize" as a form of twisted joke?
I have double checked what you received and confirmed that you did get the additional empowered gem boxes. Restoring these leaderboard rewards takes significantly more time than when they run naturally, and the class leaderboards (which grant most of the empowered gem boxes) take the longest time to run. No one has any intention of playing jokes on you or preventing you from getting your rewards.
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