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    Post Bomber Royale tips!

    This is a compilation of some things I wrote on discord! I hope this helps people who aren't fond of the game or don't know how to do well.

    Tips for bomber royale

    People say that BR is bad, but they never say why. They'll blame 'quirky bomb movements' or 'glitched and bugged' gameplay, but if you know what's happening, you will understand that it's actually a well thought-out game!

    - Standard bomb -

    Probably the most important to use, the standard bomb deals 7500 dmg (25% of hp, if i'm correct)! If you can use this effectively, you are off to a great start. A few tips to consider when using this:

    - The bomb bounces ONCE, then explodes. This is most likely to prevent insta bombing and easy kills. However, you can turn this into an advantage!

    - If you throw the standard bomb against a flat surface and there is a wall just a tile forwards, it will instantly explode! This stands for any 90 degree angles. Holes and hills work well for this! Because of this, the low ground is an advantage.

    - Depending on the vertical camera angle, the bomb will bounce at different heights. The higher the throw, the longer it takes for it to land! Since you need to surprise your opponents with this throw, make sure to throw it low to get a quick hit!

    - Throwing the bomb from very high heights can be tempting, and it's worth it! They likely won't be looking at you (like on geode ship map) and you can't get hit back. As long as you hit them on corners (Use the preview!), you'll get easy hits!

    - Sticky bombs -

    Sticky bombs!! These one-stick-and-stay adhesive bombs instantly.. stick onto the surface that they touch first. Face of flow, primal blocks, glass, fences, you name it! Sticky bomb has a longer cooldown, but does 12,000 damage in one hit!

    Here's a few tips to use it:

    - With it's enhanced range, you can hit foes from miles away! Throwing the bomb with the preview is useful for when you start out, and even in endgame as you aim for that one block your opponent stands on! For endgame, hitting the bomb onto a flat, tiny (even one-block) platform will break the whole thing off! If your opponent can't find a new block, it's over!

    - Did I mention they do more range of damage to blocks, too? Well, they do! They're also stronger, taking down every block in one explosion! having ~1.5-2x the range of it's cousin, the sticky bomb can be great for getting your foes into.. *sticky* situations! (I'm so sorry) If an opponent is backed into a corner, use a sticky bomb to do more damage! If they're running, hit one in front so they turn right round! And if they're in the air, take 'em down!

    - Use them to run! If you're running through a door, put one in the frame to stop your enemies from following! Lastly, YOU CANNOT TAKE KB FROM YOUR OWN BOMBS! use that to your advantage to hold your ground!

    - Bomb jumps-

    My personal favorite, and probably the most useful! Bomb jumps launch you miles-high into the air, and (sometimes) your opponents! With a range about the same as a standard bomb, this can do 5,000 damage to enemies! Here's some ways to use it:

    - Knock enemies out of streams! After taking down the face of flow, hop down to the enemy desperately spamming jump to knock them away! If you do it right, they'll have a lot to think about as their hopes of winning washes away.

    - Make quick saves! With how high the jump propels you, falling off the edge will be safer! Map disintegration got you in a pinch? Up in a blast! Someone knocked you off with a blast of your own? Not today! Slipped off? Up and over it! (Same for walls)

    - Do quick damage/Get out of trouble! Enemies certainly can't hit you in the air, so go there!
    If you're in a roofed space, you can do a free 5k damage to an opponent!

    Grappling hook!

    An amazing tool which can be used rapidly to go far distances! Fairly straightforward, but a few notes:

    - While reeling in, you can (unreliably afaik) press shift to go WAY farther! Make sure to not do this near an edge.. It also moves you up one-block slopes super fast!

    - If you put the grapple to the side of a block, make sure it's on the top of the side! Then you can auto hop up to the block.

    - Using the bomb jump instead of shift keeps the speed, but moves you up too! Great for grappling to enemies, doing 5k dmg, and hopping out!

    - Blasted yourself into the air and can't get yourself to a block in time? Using this can move you back up or forwards to a block safely!

    - Power-up stuck in lava? You can breeze over it and grab it while landing unscathed!

    Lava bombs!

    Hard to use right, but can lead to some pretty devastating results! The lava bomb hurts you too, so be careful!
    While it doesn't knock back or damage enemies in a radius, it does turn blocks into lava around it!
    This includes water blocks, faces of flow, etc. (everything!)

    - Lava bombs still explode when they collide with lava (never tested on water), so be careful!

    - In the endgame, you can use lava bombs on a small tile area to douse your opponent in lava while also leaving them with nowhere to stand!

    - With enough predictive skill, you can use these early game to hit your enemies into lava!
    You can even combo this with sticky bomb/standards/bomb jump to knock them in and deal more damage!

    - Enemy fleeing away from you? Drop them into some lava to slow them down a bit while dealing damage!

    - Someone heading for a power-up? If you time it right, they will be aflame AND not get it!
    Most useful with heals, as people are usually low when they try to get them.

    That's all for now! 1000+ words, yeesh. I'll get to a couple other things later, like strats and more tips, but it's 11PM now and I need to sleep. If I missed anything or you want to know something, just write it in the replies!

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    *Me trying to read that red text*

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    There's only 10 words in red text and it's not that bad a red...

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    Very nice article but that red formatting needs to go.

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    Fine, fine! I'll remove it.

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    Better? I made it dark red now.

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    Nice and detailed article, good job doing it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meggal Bozale View Post
    Better? I made it dark red now.

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    Great guide, thanks for all the details!

    Also, my one tip if you find yourself falling, try to swim up some water or even lava to make it back (obviously don't stay in lava too long though).

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