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    Event Item Removal - Nov 12

    Hey Trovians,

    Here's a friendly neighborhood reminder that the Shadowy Seal 2019 and Candy Corn (tradeable) collectible currency items will be removed at 11:00 UTC on November 12th, 2019.

    Many old event collectible currency items have been removed, as this was previously mentioned in the Going Green update. This is to help clear up some cluttered inventories filled with items that are no longer obtainable.

    Here is a list of event items removed on Nov. 12:
    • Shadowy Seal 2019
    • Candy Corn

    Here is a list of old event items removed:
    • Xinzaya's Token 2017
    • Pirifario's Token 2017
    • Formigon's Token 2017
    • Mitaura's Token 2017
    • Attepali's Token 2017
    • Dirami's Token 2017
    • Cygnus's Token 2018
    • Tyssaldria's Token 2018
    • Citaria's Token 2018
    • Rilassi's Token 2018
    • Hathath's Token 2018
    • Zehira's Token 2018
    • Xinzaya's Token 2018
    • Pirifario's Token 2018
    • Formigon's Token 2018
    • Mitaura's Token 2018
    • Attepali's Token 2018
    • Dirami's Token 2018
    • Giant Pumpkin Pie
    • Diggsly's Token
    • Shadowy Seal 2018
    • Shadowy Schematic
    • Subzero Snowflake
    • Darknik Gear
    • Tentacle Slice
    • Crystallized Sun Spark
    • Lucky Dust
    • Pinata Coin

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    Is there a reason for the removal of these items other than “clearing up cluttered inventories”? If people need more inventory space they should be able to choose whether they want to get rid of these items or not. I hope the new development team understands the collectibility of items which are no longer obtainable. They have already dropped the ball on ‘solving’ the issue with the hel’tarain trophies offered by luxion which now the players are paying for developers mistakes. Further forced removal of items will upset the long term players who collect such items and are probably the biggest supporters of this game.

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    does not matter as support tickets are just ignored anyway... i give this game maybe another year till it dies

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