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Thread: Returning player a bit lost

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    Returning player a bit lost

    Hello Trovians,

    i am a returning player from when shadow tower came out (september 2015 iirc). I got a lvl20 knight with shadow2 gear and around 580PR from back then.

    Now i went through some of the tutorials, got some crystals that inflated my PR to 4.3k, and now all recommendet PR are completely off. The question is, where should i start from here? I cleared some U5 dungeons (~PR1200 i think) aswell as shadow pinata boss. The Hydra boss however (recommended PR of 900) is completely out of my league.fedloan irs.gov easybib

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    What gear concerns. Once you can enter Geode Topside (Ctrl+A then bottom right), go there and where you spawn is a crafting workbench where you can craft crystal 1 gear. Crystal gear is better than stellar which is turn is better than radiant and radiant in turn is better than shadow. This alone should make the hydra boss a lot easier. This gear can be crafted from level 20 onwards.

    Your main power rank (PR) comes from the gems. Complete dungeons to fill up the karma bar to get a better gem. Specifically fire, cosmic (Geode Topside), air and water gem dust you get in worlds dedicated to those like drowned, igneous, etc. You need the dust to upgrade your gems. For starters get your gems to level 15 without using any gem boosters. That will keep you busy and help to advance. In the end, you want all of your gems to be stellar, but for now try to get at least radiant until U9 is possible.
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