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Thread: Tomb Raiser rework ideas

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    In my opinion, they should take a look at these issues of TR:

    1) Minion damage - currently, they have 0.75 dmg coef + 0 bonus base dmg and do 1 attack per second on a single target. Compared to Draco's mini, they have 0.75 dmg coef + 30 bonus base dmg and do 3.25 attacks per second in a small frontal cone. This means Draco's mini can do more than 3 times TR's minion dmg per second on multiple targets.

    Solution: Either TR mini should have 0.75* 3.25 or 2.4 dmg coef with 1 attack per second or keep the same dmg coef with 3.25 attacks per second. Also, they should do a small AoE dmg like 3x3 blocks around them instead of a single target hit.

    2) Minion setting up time - currently, it takes 8 seconds for TR to passively regenerate 1 soul if nothing killed/destroyed around TR. While this does not affect TR too much in uber worlds, it becomes a major issue that hammers down TR dmg capability in Shadow Tower. The reason is TR simply cannot get easy kill to replenish minions as mobs have much higher hp pool + the dmg reduction mechanic. To make it worse, most ST bosses does not or rarely spawn any adds for TR to replenish its minions. For example, SW only spawn adds after 50% hp, DD does not spawn adds, DoTM only spawn 1 spinning disc at 30% hp. Plus, whenever loading into a new floor/map, TR's souls gets reset back to 0. This means it would take TR 8 seconds * 6 minions * 2 times or 96 seconds to build 1 max size Goliath and spawn another 6 minions. This is incredibly slow and nearly impossible for TR to reach or maintain its dps.

    Solution: Either significantly cut down the time for TR passively regenerate soul from 8 to 0.5 second or let TR summon minions at will with the cost of its hp.

    3) Underwhelming class gem - It costs 20 energy to summon a banshee that has 1.25 dmg coef and do 0.75 attack per second on a single target, it also AOE heal minions 4 hp per 2.67 seconds. Both dps and healing effects are very underwhelming. The dmg side is way too low for such slow attack rate, and the healing AOE is just too small and too slow to keep minions alive in actual combat (especially againts DoTs) plus it does not heal Goliath.

    Solution: Either buff dps or the utility effects of the banshee or both. Banshee should at least have 3x dmg coef on a single target. The healing AoE should be bigger and either be able to heal Goliath or give dmg taken debuff on enemies inside the area.

    4) Lack of reliable crowd control - while both minion, banshee and Goliath can taunt, they simply do not work on ST bosses. Also, they tend to switch targets for no reasons.

    Solution: At least, make Goliath taunt work on ST or any future end game bosses.

    5) TR basic attack dmg - currently it has 0.33x dmg coef with 2% healing of dmg dealt, 1x dmg coef with healing of 5% of dmg dealt in ghost form, both are capped at 4 attacks per second. Meanwhile, Revenant basic attacks has 3.9x dmg coef with healing of 5% dmg dealt and also is scaled with Attack speed.

    Solution: TR basic attacks need to have at least 3x dmg coef in normal form, and at least 5x dmg coef in ghost form to match the energy cost of the skill (Rev #1 proc almost twice per second with 4x coef with 5% hp cost that is completely negated by its basic attack lifesteal).

    Overall, TR does not need change in any core mechanic, but updated numbers of the current ones. Hopefully, TR and the other classes at the bottom of dps barrel would see a better future.

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    i want to know the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonOfValhalla View Post
    if anyone at gsmbingo cared they could balance out the dps in a few weeks to make all classes playable.
    They like the elite GS model so people look up? to GS and try and get to that level.
    It's about $1000 - $1500 per maxed GS.
    Any max GS pretending it's less then 1000 is a liar.

    This broken model is a planned popularity business model. If it was not they could have balanced classes years ago. It's pretty easy to balance dps.
    LOL nuff said

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