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    Post Unable to enter Club World

    I wasn't able to submit a support ticket on the website, so I've come here.

    Yesterday, I attempted to enter my club world after having not played since before Going Green, and it simply booted me back to the hub. If I try to get in from anywhere else, it just gets stuck on the loading screen. I have checked with the members of the club, and they aren't able to access it either. Please help!

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    (Don't laugh, I made it quite a few years ago.)

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    I just tried to find your club. I was put in the hub also. Sorry

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    I tried going there as well and also got dumped in the hub. Normally if a club is does not exist, there is an error shown. I guess this was changed to going to the hub instead. Unless of course someone managed to block more or less all players from entering.
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    got the same problem, also did a long break (idk before the dinosaurs got released)

    "/joinworld" does not work and all other means of teleporting i know of will put me back to the hub..

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    Also can not enter my own club after a long break

    I last played maybe a year ago...me and my wife spent hundreds of hours building up our small club world, some good memorys were made in our little club but now after we decided to come back after our long break we cant even enter our club.

    i had a lot of stuff stored there too.

    club name: Senkets

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    Regarding your clubs, how long was the last time someone logged into the club? Clubs are managed by their members and being actively in them.

    "If the President of a Club leaves the club or goes inactive for 45 days the next highest active leader is automatically promoted within an hour. The automatic promotion functionality cannot be disabled or bypassed by contacting Customer Support."

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    For me we hadn't logged into the club for about a year or so. Additionally, I was auto promoted to President in a club however do not have the capability to build in it.

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