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Thread: Spawned outside of shadow tower and stuck

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    Unhappy Spawned outside of shadow tower and stuck

    I was doing DOTM on normal difficulty, took the last portal to the boss room and instead of spawning in the small "waiting room" before the actual boos arena I literally spawned on top of the whole building, outside of the arena.

    I could not get in so I killed myself by jumping into the water (void damage) and instead of respawning Inside the tower I respawned in the same place I died.

    During all of this the others were fighting the boss Inside the tower as shown by the minimap.

    Fixes(?): teleporting to a guy in the room
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    You have to ask for a port inside from another player. This isn't a new bug (Spawning up top) but it is the first time that I have heard of it occurring with a boss room. There are some ST maps that this is a routine occurrence with.

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    I mean when the guys in the room Don't speak your langage and finish the room and leave in 20 seconds it feels bad. HOpe it doesn't happen again it breaks the continuity of my runs with a carry
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    Don't expect this to be fixed.
    It's been like this for years.
    just announce in /2 "spawned outside dungeon, invite pls"
    amazingly, one of the other ppl will invite you. Maybe not right away, maybe occasionally you'll be ignored (like when they already blew through everything and left the dungeon), but usually, that works.

    In any event, as long as this has been a problem, I wouldn't expect a fix anytime soon. Feel free to go report it as a bug though. I mean, it is. I just don't think it's one they'll fix. :-/

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    > just announce in /2 "spawned outside dungeon, invite pls" amazingly, one of the other ppl will invite you.
    surprisingly yes it works even for other things the overall Community is pretty nice and ready to help. that's a rare thing in MMOs
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    This has been a known issue since Trove was still in beta.
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    In beta it mostly spawned you Under the st. now it's getting original
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