Additional Updates
  • Fixed an issue that could allow multiple torches to drop from Leviathans on Wednesdays.
  • Increased damage on Ifera's high damage spin attack; this attack should not be survivable.
  • Removed racing challenges from rotation.
  • Moonlight bulbs no longer spawn in the shores of the everdark, the darkness was too much for them.
  • Fixed some issues related to fixture placement and upgrading fixtures. If an upgraded fixture will not fit in the current space while being upgraded, it will be upgraded but also removed. The cost for placing the fixture again will be returned to the Club's clubit balance.
  • The "Hel'Terain Trophy" that Luxion sold that transformed into the Darknik Warbot trophies in the tooltip image when placed have been converted into Darknik Warbot trophies. A real "Hel'Terain Trophy" has been uncovered and Luxion looks forward to making it available.
  • Cleaned up the event recipe collections to only show recipes that need to be unlocked.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Lancer of the Hydrakken costume.