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Thread: A little rant about switching from mac to pc (laptop)

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    A little rant about switching from mac to pc (laptop)

    Everyone seems to be raving about how much greater PCs are in comparison to macs. While the pricetag is definitely better on PCs specs wise, I have switched to a PC recently and noticed several things that make me question buying a PC, as well as why everyone thinks PCs are the no brainer. First of all, the hinge on my laptop has been loose to the point it shuts if not at a 90 degree angle, and this is a one month old laptop. While this is an issue with the specific laptop and not all PCs, I will say Ive had several macs in the past and never had this issue. Additionally, while its not a lot of huge issues I've been having with this laptop, its the combination of small ones. For example, my wallpaper randomly changes to black every week or so. I sometimes have to turn the laptops off in order to recognize the headphones are plugged in. Most apps dont operate at optimal resolution, and are blurry. Navigating to find files is just more difficult - I thought this was just because I was learning to use the operating system, but when I search things in the search bar it will come up with a google search before the file location on the laptop.

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    I would think spam bots would mostly run on Linux.

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