God's Templar is recruiting
Welcome to the God's Templar recruitment page.

We are a growing club with players who like building, doing shadow towers, grinding and whatnot.
But mostly we don't take ourselves too seriously "
it's still a game".
We are looking for players old and new who think the same and like to build a nice community along with us.
With all the portals at your disposal and all crafting benches (including the dragon crucible) there is nothing that keep us from making this a great club.
Also we are always looking to improving the club world.
We are working on making a weekly stream about the updates in the game and our clubworld (there is a possibility to stream through our Twitch channel).
For members we have the use of our own Teamspeakserver which can be used for multiple games.

What are our rules:

1. No cheating, exploiting, glitching to gain an advantage or hacking is allowed.

2. No excessive swearing is allowed in Teamspeak or game chat

3. Please respect all leaders, officers and members as well as any guests who are present in the club world. If a member or guest feels an ongoing conversation makes him/her uncomfortable and voices his/her concerns, then change the subject. If parties wishing to continue the conversation they must relocate to a different Teamspeak or chat room to continue the conversation.

4. Harassment of any kind is not allowed. If another player says no, members must drop the topic and not bring it up. Not following this rule will be met with a kick from the club.

5. No ranting, begging, spamming or trading in club chat

6. Place a nameplate next to each building you build, so we know who built this and we can boost about you on our streams.

7. Don't destroy something built by another member, if this does happen you will be kicked directly from the club. Should this happen by accidentally report it to the person who built it (hence the nameplate) and try to rebuild the damage again.

8.Don't use Bull Dozer without permission of a leader

9. All existing rules may be challenged if deemed unfair.

If you "after reading all this, it is tiring, I know" still want to sign up, then do the following:

Leave a comment with your IGN (ingame name) in this thread. Add the leaders listed below to your friends list and try to contact us as well

Leader and Founder : Johnn_Wick
Leader and main architect : Avatar_Primus
Officer: Goregoth

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Sorry for the large post here's a potato