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Thread: About lag

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    About lag

    I bought the patron for this week (i buy 15 days) particularly for monday Sadow Tower AND its impossible to play realy.

    So what do you plan to do for the lost time?
    (For the players)
    do not hesitate to share your issue about it

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    You're wasting your time asking them to make it right. wasted 6 weeks trying to get 8 days of patron comped as one of my accounts with paid patron was locked out with AS: Login for 8 days.

    Ended up opening a dispute with PayPal and asked for the 8 days to be charged back. I got the money refunded (small amount, but it's the point) and the pricks banned the account.

    6 weeks of being ignored by CS and the CM's cost them money. Everyone that lost paid time should charge it back then not play again.

    Let them close this crap down because it' mostly unplayable.

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