Candy Corn, Pumpkin Lairs and mostly Shadowy Seals are here from October 22nd (1PM UTC+2/4AM UTC-7), to November 5th! Trove's got you covered for the best Halloween experience you could wish for.

  • The Hub decoration is one of the best memories one might have from Shadow's Eve previous editions. The 2019 Edition will keep up with the tradition.

Shadow's Eve
  • The 2019 Shadow's Eve Edition has an 8 Adventure chain where players will be awarded one 2019 Shadowy Seal for each step completed.
  • Login Rewards adventures are given each day to provide mechanical rewards, but Shadowy Seals are not granted as Login Rewards.
  • There are three new daily Event Adventures specific to Shadow’s Eve. They can each be completed once per day and reward one Shadowy Seal plus adventure XP upon completion. The NPCs that grant these Adventures can be found in the Trove Hub outside the Pumpkin House.
  • On the Shadowy Station, players can craft two event rewards using the 2019 Shadowy Seals. For 10 Seals they can craft the Ethereal Explorer and for 25 Seals they can craft Flop the Pantolphin. They can also craft previous years content for 5/10 seals each.
  • In case you have too many event tokens, an Event Lootbox that costs 1 Shadowy Seal (2018 or 2019) can be crafted. The Lootbox contains mechanical rewards only and is meant as a way for players to use up any extra Seals.
  • Pumpkin Lairs that appear in any biome have returned too and drop Candy Corn, which can be used to craft Nightmare Mystery Boxes and various collections at the Shadowy Station in the Trove Hub.
  • The Colossal Chiropteran and the Uncanny Coffin can be crafted directly from the Shadowy Station.
  • When completing a 1-Star Dungeon, Todstrom has a chance to appear instead of a chest. Defeat him for an extra “treat” – Candy Corn and a rare chance at a Mobile Mummy mount.
  • At the end of the event all 2018 and 2019 Shadow Seals will be removed from player’s inventories, along with other old event currencies, so be sure to use all your remaining currencies.
NOTE: A small bug will be visible to players for a few hours prior to the event: the new mount recipe will be asking for 2018 tokens instead of 2019 tokens. This will be fixed during Shadow's Eve release day.