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Thread: Shadow's eve 2019?

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    Shadow's eve 2019?

    Any word on this happening at all this year?

    The ability to grow candy corn would be fine as an alternative.

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    Shadow eve will coming soon as they update on facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubisco View Post
    Right. I forgot that the forums are the last place to look for info related to trove.

    Thank you for the update, friend.

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    Oct 22nd best guess. Run 2 weeks, same event a the last 3 years I bet so have fun.

    The facebook post is funny, whats even more funny is trying to find the facebook or twitter pages as all the trove pages link different and wrong social media account from before the buy out.
    Lets us know that in 1 year not 1 person looked at trove in detail. if someone had.. this no brainier thing would have been fixed in minutes.

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    according to pts, this week was going to be the time to farm candy corn and pumpkins before the event

    Hopefully they give us a week after shadows eve to compensate

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    I believe the Germans would call this "Shadow's Übermorgen"

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