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Thread: Time for a Class Action Lawsuit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDdatBoi106 View Post
    i dont have lag. i think it is because i have the lowest graphics.
    Lag and graphics aren't related if the issue is server side I think, I have the max graphics yet I Don't suffer lag. I mostly think it's about choosing the serves and timezones to play on which makes the difference.
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    double posted that one *sigh*
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    I may have over reacted a little bit (deliberately), but some times that is what it takes to get attention to an issue. If everyone sat on their hands and did nothing then nothing will ever change will it? My location might be part of the issue I suppose, I live in Australia and there is no dedicated Australasia server like some MMO's do have. But regardless to that there is still a certain model of player satisfaction that must be taken into account here. If a company promises a product and does not deliver on that product, there should in the least be an acknowledgement of said company's problem, rather than blaming it on the customer.
    This post that I originally put was an actual ticket that I put in to Gamigo to gauge their response time and relevance to items in said ticket, I must say I was a but disappointed with their lack luster response.

    As follows:

    Baptiste (gamigo group)

    Oct 22, 11:37 CEST


    Thank you for contacting us regarding your account.

    After reviewing your account, we have noticed that you used your patron and it worked as intended. Therefore, we cannot refund your purchase. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Kind Regards,


    While this is a polite and well structured response, it ignores my complaint. Yes I have been able to "use" my patron subscription by logging on occasionally. but the amount of time while logged on and playing that has actually been a decent experience is limited. With the constant lagging and getting disconnected from the server. Sure it might be my location that is to blame for some of these issues, but if it a product doesn't work as stated by the company providing it then that is a break of Australian consumer law and a chargeable offence.

    Also to the people who say if you don't like the lag don't play it...I have nothing to say really, its obvious how stupid that comment is.

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