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    There’s a new Trove Creations Submission Process in place!

    Greetings, Trovians!

    The ability to publish player contributions, such as collections, weapons, hats, and dungeons is one of Trove’s greatest gift. Earlier this year, we moved our mod submissions over to Trovesaurus and since then we have seen dozens of mods make it into Trove on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

    With that in mind, we are happy to announce our improved submission process: we will now accept your creations on the brand new Trove Creations page on Trovesaurus. The former submissions thread on Reddit, /r/TroveCreations will be archived early next week.

    Upon submitting your creations to Trovesaurus, a moderator will give them a check for quality. If they pass muster, they will go into a pool that Trove team reviews and selects from to get new creations in-game.

    When the Team selects a creation, we immediately send out credits to the associated PC account and let their creator know. When creations go live, each dungeon creator’s character name is called out in the patch notes for celebration. For styles and collections, the creator’s name is permanently visible on the item’s tooltip. We look forward to seeing the new styles and dungeons you have thought up, so head over to Trovesaurus and submit your creations now!

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    Those are good news! Sounds like Trove is finally getting back in rails.

    Is there also any info about Dev Livestreams and the creator program yet?

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    this is cool!

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