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    /Joinworld Club name

    So i made 1 club called Save The Queen
    but something weird happen is , whenever i do /joinworld Save The Queen, that tped me to Empty Club world. i need to get my club id to do /joinworld, that's kinda annoying
    please help me with this

    IGN: SoulLagger
    my Club world id : 5788831663878567050

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    There are a few people with the same issues, either they never get around to it or they'll help but how things are currently going they prob won't, best guess is to change the name slightly /:

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    Be sure to type /joinworld "Save the Queen", exactly like that, because of the spaces in the club name. You can also do /joinworld ClubWorldID# as well, that is your club's unique code associated with it. Hope that helps!

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