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Thread: Hel'Tarain Trophy - Image and Model BUG

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    Hel'Tarain Trophy - Image and Model BUG

    11 / 10 / 2019 ( 14.00 )
    In the Luxion market, the Hel'Tarain Trophy (30 dragon coins) appears just like a Darknik Warbot Trophy.
    When I purchased it, the name of the trophy was still "Hel'Tarain Trophy" but when I placed the trophy in my cornerstone, the trophy turned into a normal Darknik Warbot Trophy. When I grinded out the trophy from the cornerstone wall, the loot chat displayed that a Darknik Warbot Trophy has been collected and in the inventory, the name of the trophy was Darknik Warbot Trophy.
    It would be possible to fix the issue somehow?

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    can confirm and agree it would be nice to get a fix to be able to place this. I know there are some other items in game (that were never intended to be) that change to something else once placed and it appears maybe this is similar since the drop source is an unreleased boss

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    I'm also having this problem, and as a collector, I'd really like if it was corrected. I don't know if they'll be able to find the trophies that were taken from the walls to correct them in their database though. I just wish it gets corrected in the future. <3

    EDIT: Adding info about how it happened to me

    Same as OP, I bought 3 trophies, placed them on my club world (/joinworld Brothers of Gold, Location: 58, 59, 232, Facing North). As soon as I placed them, they were showing this Hel'Tarain "skin":

    In a matter of milliseconds, it's "skin" turned into Darknik Warbot Wall Trophie's. Upon breaking the trophy, it came into my bag as a Darknik Warbot Wall Trophy. I placed it back and there it is atm. Another friend also bought 1 trophy and did the same process and it happened to him as well (he didn't break the trophy, though).

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    i bought 2, placed them in my club, took them from wall and they changed.

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    I bought 20 times this s*t rooBooli

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    I was wondering wtf happened to my hel'tarain trophy after I tried to move it, I couldn't find it in my inventory anywhere. I thought I was going crazy but this explains it. So it just stacked onto my other 8 darknik warbot trophies. Lame.

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