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Thread: Login issues for about 3 hours now.

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    Login issues for about 3 hours now.

    I have been playing fine for the last few days and disconnected earlier(as usual). Tried logging back in and it was stuck on "connecting". Kept trying over and over and eventually logged in again, walked around and crashed.

    Haven't been able to log in since

    Is this just an ongoing known issue?

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    PS4 Connectivity Issue - Oct. 9, 2019
    Hey PS4 NA Trovians,

    We are working on and aware of some of the log in issues that came up recently connecting to PS4 NA. Thanks for your reports, we will let you know when we have updates and server stability has improved.

    Mobi posted

    Hopefully our new gm's see this and from this point on make sure to link DEV post to the platform it covers.
    Not everyone looks in the dev section.

    This is a on going issue with no eta.

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