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Thread: Did Trion nuke the C3 drop rate?

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    Did Trion nuke the C3 drop rate?

    I basically grind u10 daily until I run out of Outpost quests, and have had so many C3s I recycle Faces/Hats & some weapon types. It seems I would get a few C3s a day in the past, but for the last couple of weeks C3 Faces/Hats are fairly rare and I haven't gotten a single C3 weapon drop.

    I know they are adding a new activity to make getting C3s easier, but does this mean they nerfed the odds of C3 drops in the mean time, to keep C3s relevant before the expansion?custom software consulting

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    Without having any additional details like how long you played every day... Etc, I would say that you went from good RNG luck to regular/bad RNG luck like the rest of us. I used to play for about a week between C3 drops, and I would get a bunch of C3's on Sunday's, and then back to maybe 1, but normally nothing during the rest of the week.

    Welcome to Trove RNG.

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