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Thread: How to find .cfg file on Mac? (Steam ver.)

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    How to find .cfg file on Mac? (Steam ver.)

    Title, basically. I'm trying to change my fullscreen windowed resolution to true-4k (4096x2304) so I can tab out of the game easily because Cmd+tab on fullscreen mode takes like 10+ seconds to tab out of the game and that's just too much for me. My fullscreen windowed mode locks at what I believe is 1080, and I don't understand why I can't change it in the game so I think I need to get info the .cfg file.

    So yeah, anybody know where to find the trove.cfg file? Steam version, if that makes a difference.

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    In Windows, both in Glyph and Steam, the file is in %appdata%, I don't have Mac, but searched for a tutorial to get to .Minecraft on Mac (which is in %appdata% in Windows too) and apparently you have to write this: ~/Library/Application Support in the Go to Folder bar.

    Hopefully you'll find the Trove folder there and the .cfg inside

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