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Thread: I keep getting cannot connect to auth server

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    I keep getting cannot connect to auth server

    Ive had this problem for 5 days now, it keeps saying Failed to connect to auth server, The servers may be down for maintenance. ive followed the guide they have but that didnt work. ive also sumbitted a ticket and they replied saying they cant do anything. any help would be appreciated

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    I'm stuck too

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    5th day stuck at AS:Login. The only response to the ticket I submitted on Monday has been "we're aware of the problem". Every day that this continues is costing me more because my patron account is is ticking away. I'm going to post on every single thread about this issue everyday until someone finally gives us some information. I can't believe any company would treat paying customers this way.

    IGN: Wyndsong
    Error: Stuck at AS:Login
    Date error began: Monday 9/30/19
    Ticket #: 1282898
    Platform: PC
    Server: NA
    Running count of days since problem began: 5
    IGN: Wyndsong

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    i can log on now like if nothing happened

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