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Thread: Glyph launcher does not allow Trove to start

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    Glyph launcher does not allow Trove to start

    I can start the Glyph launcher just as normal and login there.

    But the games there (Trove and Archeage for me) just show the 'Update' button.

    Clicking this 'Update' button does not do anything at all and changing regions does not help neither. Which effectively prevents to launch Trove or Archeage.

    I play Trove not via Steam but via traditional Glyph launcher directly, if this matters.

    Someone else I know also got that issue, so it isn't just me.

    This issue started happening at 30th Sept 2019. When I played at 29th, everything worked normally.

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    Maybe this can help: http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...e-Button-Stuck
    I had the same issue but can't remember the exact solution, I used to double click fast the update button to make the game launch....

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