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Thread: Market tax

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    Market tax

    why still no market tax wtf

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    a tax on the market increases the selling price.
    to add a tax function on a market it would be necessary for the price to be set by the game.
    Since the gardening update the price of resources are high, it is difficult for beginners to buy any resource if it is needed

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    My guess is that the Devs did not need to add additional money sink into the game by adding a market tax. My guess is that there is enough of a flux sink already in gem upgrades and buying ToW's that they do not feel the need for additional flux sinks like a market tax.

    I'm curious, why do you feel the need to have a market tax or listing fee?

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    Until there's a valid reason for adding a listing fee on the market; I can't see why one would ever be implemented. And as Thorvik stated, flux has plenty of avenues where it can be used. Flux is fundamental to the game and almost every single player will need it for something. Whether it's crafting, building, trading, or credit conversion, flux is essential to everyone in the game. Adding a market fee for the sake of a flux sink is redundant and not needed. I can argue the exact same for glim thanks to gardening.

    If you want a market fee added, then you should explain why. Simply adding it for the sake of adding it and making it "feel" more like a market isn't a good reason either.
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    Why do you want to pay market tax? wtf.

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    not in favor of this idea. I'm familiar with WoW's marketplace and it was always something that was annoying and has no benefit to players. I personally like the no-tax marketplace

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    What benefit do you think adding a market tax would add? It'd be one thing in a situation like WoW where there's a finite number of things you can get with flux, but that's simply not the case. Ther eare tomes of wonder you can open until you get Fortras, Albairn, and Ganda, so that's a sink. You need flux to craft a ton of the cosmetics available from the chaos crafting station, that's a sink. You will need tons of flux to get all your gear up to snuff, and that's for each class you have, not to mention gems. There just isn't a reason to add a tax.
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