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    October Packs Inquiry

    1. Creepy Crawly Cranium Pack
      Historically, year old event packs are sold for credit.. will that trend continue?
    2. New Shadows Eve pack
      Will one come out this year?
    3. Hearty Party Pack 2 (extra life)
      This didn't come out last year, when can we expect Suriax to come out?
    4. Super Starter Pack (Chaotic Pinata)
      The mount in this retired pack has been unobtainable for almost a year now, will it show up soon?
    5. Jump Starter Pack (TROV-3)
      Will this pack retire like the Super Starter Pack?

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    Hello Lunar!

    I can not talk about future updates / development here, cause all the information you have requested are internal.

    But I can tell you that I have forwarded it.

    Thank you very much for your understanding!

    Best regards,
    CM Anubis

    ✧༺♥༻∞ My Discord ID: Anubis#1264 ∞༺♥༻✧

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    "Coax a new flying dragon from the egg fragments using the Dragon Crucible in the Hub!\n\nThese fragments can be obtained rarely from enemies in Dragonfire Peaks and very rarely from mining Primordial Flame throughout the world"

    Uh if this dragon is ever released separate of the extra life pack, ill just effigy it, no way am I going to farm primordial flame or hunt down enemies in an old zone for hours when I'm sitting on 2 effigies.

    Its a good dragon to add. I don't know why health regen is on it though. I guess it matches the theme of Dracolyte. I just need this dragon to go with my ice sage's molten armor. Looks like a perfect match!

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    really looking forward to these packs too! Missed out on them last year waiting too long and then they disappeared :'(

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