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    Xbox One Sales are on your way!

    Greetings Trovians,

    Summer has come and gone, but fear not, as we have good news to celebrate autumn’s glory!
    We’re happy to announce that on the 1st of October, a sale has started on Xbox One! Yay!

    So, what items are going to be discounted? Here is the following list!
    • Double Dragon Pack – $16,99
    • Geode Companion Pack 2 – $14,99
    • Botanical Blaster Pack – $3,99
    • Empowered Gem Box Edition – 3 000 Credits

    And you know what? Credits on Trove will be discounted for the first time in the history of ever! Could this be love?
    • 8500 Credits – $44,99

    Hey, come closer! It’s not over yet! Feel like boosting yourself over the top?
    • 250 Double Dragon Coin Boost - 1875 Credits
    • 250 Bomber Royale Coin Boost - 1875 Credits

    As you all know, good things don’t last forever. So, grab onto this ravishing sale before it ends on the 7th of October.

    Happy gaming and enjoy the sale!

    The Trove Team

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    Don't forget about PC! :P We need the seasonal Halloween packs and I'm hoping for an amazing black friday luxion event (hint hint - golden companion eggs)

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    Cool Any word on what sales block Friday might have this year?

    Haven't really seen anything on the Twitter feed about it yet. Hoping you will hit us up with the sweet sales.

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