This was posted on Trovesaurus only and was probably forgotten to be posted here because of the forum downtime that occured.

For completion reasons, I copy those patch notes here for everyone to see:

PTS has been updated with additional updates to Leviathans, adventures, and more.

Additional Updates

  • Lobstroso's mechanics have been slightly adjusted.
  • Ifera's fight mechanics have been adjusted to be more difficult.
  • Leviathans now destroy blocks placed near them.
  • Added badges for slaying leviathans, they reward an ego potion for each badge and hats for every other badge.
  • A recycling bin has been added to where the trading post was in the hub. The trading post has been shifted slightly closer to the Battle Arena building.
  • Drowned world and Igneous Isles starting boats now have loot collectors..
  • The Cursed Skulls adventure from the Cursed Vale should now count for all cursed skulls.
  • The costumes from the Locked Adventurine Strongbox now correctly give 70 mastery instead of 35.
  • Pixel now deconstructs for an adventure key.
  • New donation costs have been implemented
  • The Leash Blocks in the Stables Fixture now require mounts to be present for 10 seconds before they can be dismissed.
  • Mounts summoned by Leash Blocks can no longer be killed.
  • The following skins now correctly change appearances for class gem abilities: Chaotic Wanderer (Boomeranger), Pyromagical Prankster (Dracolyte), and Rabbity Raiser (Tomb Raiser).
  • The ChronoMancer skin for Chloromancer has had its projectile sizes reduced significantly.