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    Quote Originally Posted by kanamit View Post
    We can all say we don't want to use social media but these game companies aren't having any of it. It's always going to be the main method of promoting their game unfortunately, despite the fact that people are using it less and less due to their information being exposed. I'm betting that our dislike of social media will make any CM go silent in this forum. Time will tell how the new one responds.
    Quote Originally Posted by erinnyes View Post
    @Summer Haas That is something I (and the future new CMs) want to work on. We want to keep the forums alive even when there is no update happening. What do you think about forum/social media events? They can be really fun
    Quote Originally Posted by Summer Haas View Post
    Forums yes, social media no. Forced involvement in 3rd party sites just to keep up with Trove content does not set well with most of us due to past problems. Please focus on the forums and the community blog on this site.
    Aaaaaannnnnndddddddddd…..the new CM never posts again as predicted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanamit View Post
    Aaaaaannnnnndddddddddd…..the new CM never posts again as predicted.
    Trove is not their focus clearly. I don't think they understand there's millions in easy money with trove being run 1/2 correct.
    1 roll back gardening as it made the lag removal from the club update void and added more lag due to everyone having personal clubs again.
    2 revamp dps.
    3 add new st or even better a proper instance feel.
    4 seasonal pins
    5 more p2w vanity items
    6 better rewards 4 patron
    7 3 month update cycle
    8 real community managers
    9 paid YouTube content creators who are not the current 1s?
    10 a accounting department to count the money.... trove run properly is a damn gold mine... it's a game that fills a huge viod..

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    support tickets still ignored... no new content to the game in 2 years... and the servers are even worse with lag... welcome to the nightmare of trove

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