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Thread: I have a few questions I want to ask

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    I have a few questions I want to ask

    For speed farming and ST purpose, is better Vampirian Vanquisher for the sustain and extra MS?

    I mean Light is not wasted because is more damage but the extra AS for farming is not that good since VG use mostly laser for large bosses and Pyrodisc/1 (in melee mode) for Cursed Skulls and IS (with Ult) and VG (1 in range mode) just overcap a lot the AS in ST.
    I ask because I mostly see people use BB so I don't know if I'm missing something about the extra AS.

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    I don't believe that Light effects damage in Shadow Tower at all (just Geode enemies, as it is my understanding they are the only ones with darkness values). If you're using Berserk Battler currently, the attack speed is still good to have if you also have your class gem for the VG, as it allows you to keep Force Flash up permanently, though if you're used to swapping between ranged and melee, you can get the same attack speed buff by using ranged mode's Fired Up periodically. Vampirian Vanquisher is a solid overall pick (especially if you need some extra durability), but Berserk Battler will net you a decent amount of extra damage in Geode adventure worlds.

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    My personal preference is the Berserker Battler over the Vampirian for my VG.

    Note: I use my Gunslinger for ST's with minimal light on its gems, and I use other classes for gem box or Crystal gear farming that have boosts to light on their gems. What class I use that day depends on my mood and which weapon type that I want to drop if I'm farming for C3 gear.

    I will say that the Van is my favorite farming class right now, but I also use Rev, Draco, Boomer, PC, and Fae to farm the different weapons with if I feel like it.

    Note: I have a 30K PR Knight, so I get 120 Move speed with my Turtle Tank mount when I use the Knight subclass on my farming classes. When you take that into consideration, I don't think that the MS from the VV gem really matters that much.

    The "Best Class" is the one you like to play!

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