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    Suggestion for small improvement to the Knight class.

    I'm sure this may have been mentioned before but I wanted to say it again because I think it would improve the knight as a viable tank for early game and end game for those who might want to use the knight to tank. Even though the Knight got a small rework before the Revenant, I think we can agree there is still a big difference between the Knight and Revenant end game.

    I think knights taunt should be increased to at least match the taunt timer for the Revenant's shield bash taunt. The knights current taunt is for 1 second, which is also about the cast time of the knights taunt skill just to use. The Revenant has a 3 second taunt, with 1 second cooldown on his taunt skill. I'd like to think this is an easy change to make, I could be wrong though. The fact I think this has been mentioned before doesn't make me think anything has changed now, but I wanted to say it again.

    Thank you.

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    Heya, thanks for the suggestions. I'm curious if others feel the same way about the Knight needing to be more impactful and if this is the way to do it. Let me know what y'all think, thanks!

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    Problem with the Knight is, it is not a tank. The rework definitely better than the original but does not come close to the damage output of the reworks for Draco or Rev or come close to other classes like Gun Slinger or Vanguardian.

    Smash for Knight is not used after getting class gem so messing with the taunt isn't gonna do much. This ability should be replace by class gem.

    Charge is fun and should not be replaced by class gem. Reduce energy cost to 20 and increase stun to 2 seconds.

    Spirit Squire, reduce energy cost to 30 and increase the stun range to include 1 above and below.

    Iron Will needs the invincibility brought back. Remove the 7 trovians 10% damage reflected back to the knight garbage. Replace it with 7 trovians in an 8 block radius receive an 10% speed, md and pd buff for 3 seconds.

    And this will make all classes more fun. Subclasses. It makes no sense to get a subclass ability that the original class never had. SO, I propose at level 30 or whatever the main class will permanently learn the new ability and stats while still being effected by the PR requirements for increasing and decreasing every 5k pr.

    A Knight will have learned increased movement speed on mounts that increase and decrease with PR while permanently getting +6 flask capacity.

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    Super interesting suggestions. My friends an end game player and loves his knight. Maybe one simple thing to buff it could just be buffing the speed of the knight shooting his image when you have the class gem. It hits very hard but is a little slow which is why it isnt viable for speed runs and never really was. If the image was faster he could be viable for speed runs if built correctly. Also if knight provided a damage buff of some kind to other players it would be an even more viable class. I think it would be cool if knight also got the same movement buff that other classes get on mounts when they use his subclass based on the tier they are at as far as the buff based on pr. Not making it eligible to have the ms buff completely destroys any viability it has as a "farm class" as well. That makes sense to me varllll. Would be interesting to see knight become more relevant

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