• Time: PTS. First scenario in U10 at 3rd Sept 2019. 2nd scenario in U9 at 19th Sept 2019.
  • Context:
    • i) Standing at a certain spot inside the Lair of a U10-Leviathan makes the Leviathan not be able to damage the players on this spot anymore.
    • ii) In U9, it is even easier: You just need to stand on any spot that is high enough and the Leviathan is completelly powerless.
  • Expected: I truly believed that there is absolutelly no spot where you can just chill, hold the mouse button down and wait for the Leviathan to die. This does make it a piece of cake to just completelly solo that boss on your own, even with a full DPS glass cannon set. And for U10 this is just ridiculous!
  • Observed: I
    • i) Standing at a certain spot (screenshot 1 and 2) in U10 makes the Leviathan be unable to damage the player that it tries to reach.
    • ii) If you stand on any point inside the room high enough over the boss, then the boss has no chance to attack you. For example this spot (screenshot 3)
  • Repro Steps: I
  • i) Not quite sure. Another player did do it during that fight and I have no intention to mess around on PTS finding another U10 Leviathan biome where you have to wait ages until a new world can be created.
  • ii) Stand in U9 at any spot that is high enough over the Leviathan (for example the spot in screenshot 3). Hold the attack-button until the boss is dead.
  • Additional note: This is the most ridiculous technique, but actually there are even more ways that make a Leviathan be never able to hit you. One beeing is running in a circle around the room while constantly staying out of the range that a Leviathan needs to launch an attack. An Ice Sage does make this tactic significantly easier.
  • Screenshots:
Screenshot 1: A certain spot in U10 makes the Leviathan unable to hit the player

and Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3: In U9 you just need to be high enough and the Leviathan is powerless...