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Thread: (Possible) OVERSIGHT: You can use Orign Portal Potion while fighting Leviathans

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    (Possible) OVERSIGHT: You can use Orign Portal Potion while fighting Leviathans

    • Time: PTS, 19th Sept 2019.
    • Context: Players can simply refill flasks by throwing an Orign Portal Potion and using it. This does work at any time, even in the middle of a Leviathan fight. Out of flasks? No problemo: Just use this, recover all flasks and continue with your DPS build. If at least 1 other player stays inside the boss room, then there is completelly no downside at all to this tactic. On the other side: this would finally make serious use of those potions, so not sure if it is intended or an oversight.
    • Expected: I expected that it would have at least some kind of downside if you left in the middle of the fight to refill your flasks.
    • Observed: No downsides, as long as you are not away when other people kill the boss.
    • Repro Steps: Throw an Orign Portal Potion in the middle of a Leviathan boss fight. Press E to end up at an outpost where you can recover your flasks. Press E at the portal at the outpost to return to the fight.
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    /respawn , [join person who is there]
    this doesn't leave an opening to the lair, it doesn't spawn you on top of the topside platform, and doesn't rely on origin portals working correctly (despawning portals).

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