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Thread: BUG: Pixel does not work correctly

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    BUG: Pixel does not work correctly

    • Time: PTS. First test done at 4th Sept, 2019. Second test (thanx due forum downtime) for reconfirmation today on 19th Sept, 2019.
    • Context: The stats of Pixel states that this ally grants +1% Adventurine and +50 Dark. But in fact, Adventurine gain is not affected and Dark seems to have no effect neither.
    • Expected:
      • i) While having the ally ,,Pixel" epquipped, I get more adventurine than without.
      • ii) I also expected that I get less damage while ,,Pixel" is epquipped, because of the ,,Dark" stat.
    • Observed:
      • i) As tested on multiple days, Having Pixel epquipped has a bugged ZERO effect on Adventurine gain. Test 1 while Pixel was epquipped the whole time, on Wednesday, 4th Sept 2019:
        • Outpost Quest from ,,Beacon of Heroes" gives 75 Adventurine (Expected: 76)
        • Outpost Quest from the water guy in Drowned U9-World gives 75 Adventurine (Expected: 76)
        • Uncommon Club Adventure from Katonnis gives 200 Adventurine (Expected: 202)
        • Common Club Adventure from the Medival-NPC gives 150 Adventurine (Expected: 151 or 152)
        • Geodian Outpost Quest on Topside to clear two 5-star-dungeons gives 350 Adventurine (Expected: 353 or 354)
        • Geodian Outpost Quest in Sanctuary to collect 75 inorganics gives 350 Adventurine (Expected: 353 or 354)
        • Test with an Adventurine Potion drunk and then completing the Outpost-Quest to collect Fire Gem Boxes gives 112 Adventurine (Expected: 113 or 114)
      • Test on 19th Sept 2019, for reconfirmation. Note: this day is a thursday and therefore got that +50% Adventurine bonus
        • Epic Club Adventure from Snackle gives (300+150=) 450 Adventurine while Pixel is epquipped (Expected: 453 or 454 or 455)
        • Epic Club Adventure from Snackle gives (300+150=) 450 Adventurine while Cotton Candy is epquipped (Expected: 450)
        • Epic Club Adventure from Snackle gives (300+150=) 450 Adventurine while Prefect Penguin is epquipped (Expected: 450)
      • ii) Testing ,,Dark" did result in too much inconsistence due to the fact that Health Regeneration does instantly kick in after reciving damage. Therefore it was not possible to determine an exact difference since no 2 same incoming damage numbers could have been recorded under the exact same conditions from the exact same enemies after testing the same U9-enemy for about 40 minutes, a Forbidden Spire Sheep's weak bump. But having Pixel epquipped or not seems to result in 'about the same' incomming damage no matter if or if not ,,Pixel" is epquipped. (Average of recorded numbers are about 64635 incomming damage)
        • I kindly ask a GM to test incomming damage with Pixel and without Pixel from the same enemy which attacks with the same attack with a modified character that has 0 Health Regeneration. The test should be started only after fully healing up the character.
    • Repro Steps:
      • i) Finish any quest without Pixel. Then finish the exact same quest again with Pixel and see how you still get the very exact same amount of Adventurine.
      • ii) Use a modified character with 0 Health Regeneration and have a look on your health points after the same attack did hit you. Once with Pixel epquipped and another time with no Ally epquipped. Since Dark is supposed to decrease incomming damage, the incomming damage while Pixel is epquipped should be smaller (and remaining Health is supposed to be higher)

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    Yes, also from my testing % Adventure Gain is broken. It doesn't give 1% more, at best it gives just 1 adventurine more:
    - with 50% adventurine potion, geode topside 5* dungeon quest gives 300+175 adventurine
    - with 50% potion and Pixel ally the same quest gives 300+176 adventurine


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    Further Testing

    Its seems that Pixel only adds something (namely just 1 adventurine) when 50% Adventurine Potion is active.

    Color code:
    Base adventurine reward - blue
    Thursday bonus (50%) - pink
    50% adventurine potion - green
    Pixel bonus - orange

    350 + (350*(0,50+0,50)) + 1 = 350 + (350*1,00) + 1 = 350 + 351 = 701 total


    How it should be:
    350 + (350*(0,50+0,50+0,01) = 350 + (350*1,01) = 350 + 353,5 = 703 or 704 total - depends if rounded up or down

    We can't test how it will behave with patron active as its disabled on pts. Maybe enabling patron effects on pts could help with testing all possibilities with issues like that.

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    Pixel is still bugged.

    Today, 17th Oct, 2019 I grabbed a Water Outpost quest (75 Adv) and a Neon City NPC quest from club (200 Adv) while Pixel was epquipped the whole time. No change in Adventurine.

    Note that I did not try to further test the darkness stat. But given that Pixel was not mentioned at all, I assume that this part does not work neither.

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