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Thread: Is trove worth it?

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    Is trove worth it?

    Hello everyone,

    A friend of mine and I started playing trove today. I know that some will say that a single day is too soon, but we don't necessarily have a butload of hour to sink into it, and as far was we've seen, it's doing the same kind of dungeon over and over.

    What I would like to know is: Is there any real end game? Is there anything beyond doing open world little dungeon, or is there something bigger/more challenging?

    Thanks for your time and have a good day ;-)

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    There's shadow towers, which is like a boss tower kind of game mode, but other than that even the endgame is just farming dungeons for flux. Soon, they're going to add bosses called leviathans to the endgame which will make grinding dungeons easier since they'll give you buffs in the form of torches, and help break up the monotony of doing dungeons only.

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