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    Game crashing my console upon startup

    This is a copy paste of a post I made in PS4 bug reports but I felt it belonged here rather than bug reports.

    For the past week, whenever I try play the game on PS4, It logs in then freezes my console when it tries to load the world. My console freezes and the system software crashes along with the game. I believe I am trying to load into the Demons of Valhalla club world and my game does not like whatever is in there. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling my game to no avail. This issue has been repeatable 100% of the time for the past week. I cannot actually play the game. If a dev or someone could somehow, reset me to the hub world that would be nice. I can try to provide whatever information regarding my account to a staff member that would help them resolve my issue.

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    This happens to many people.

    Fix is to join on someone in a different place then your trying to log into.
    If you have no friends playing, whisper me on psn Ill go to a hub or something and invite you.

    You can also type trove in the community section of psn and look for a active trove group.
    Go to any one and try joining on people till you get in. You may need to try a few people.

    After you click join on the right side of someone name, it will bring you to the trove log in screen.
    Do not press X on the Start screen, you can click x skipping the cut screens but don't click start.
    It will auto click start for you and bring you to that persons world.

    Good Luck

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