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Thread: Servers are S**T now.

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    Servers are S**T now.

    If we're actually in game the worlds aren't loading, we're rubber-banding all over the place, and hit detection can actually go away for 10+ seconds at a time.
    On Sunday there servers crashed, were down 30 minutes, and then when they came back up we were rolled back almost half an hour on top of that.

    What has the devs said about ANY of this nonsense? Nothing. There was nothing to indicate anyone developing this game was even aware there was a ROLL BACK. All the server status page updates are for PS4 NA and they haven't mentioned PC whatsoever. Dev Tracker shows they haven't really said much at all.
    No transparency at all.
    You absolutely must be more transparent, the players right now don't know if this is the normal we're to be expecting from now on or if there is hope you'll fix any of these problems.
    Of course while i'm typing all of this the servers are down. Again. And the server status page says its happily online and that there's no worries in the world.

    So here's a chance devs, WTF is going on, can we expect the situation to improve, what are you going to do about the fact that your compensation package was for the game coming back up but doesn't address the fact that after the game has come back up it's been nearly unplayable laggy when it is actually playable. And not playable when the SERVERS ARE DOWN AGAIN.
    This period of silence from the dev-team is unacceptable!
    During the server move you were silent, after the server move the game is gone to S*** and you're silent.
    How long do you expect people to continue playing your game at this rate if all they can expect is troubles and problems while you the devs say and seemingly do NOTHING about any of it?

    You haven't got many chances left.

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    preach. if this thread gets closed by a community manager, i think that'd be my last straw.

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    I wouldn't get your hopes up Giraffe. Odds are that it'll be closed, and there will still be no changes in the situation.

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    sucks, cant wait till cubeworld gets it's new update, then i'll atleast have something to do while i wait for ******** to boil over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hostile Giraffe Inbound View Post
    cant wait till cubeworld gets it's new update

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    They have no intention about being transparent about anything. They said as much in their recent team letter. "Being able to talk confidently about this was, and is, important to us." ie they need to sit on stuff until they can spin it in a way that sounds good.

    We are seeing that play out here on the forums over the last few months as people have accused Gamigo of putting Trove in maintenance mode and having no plans for future updates. Meanwhile they have been working on a big update and didn't even counter the forum comments by even hinting about it. They just let people quit in droves as they get fed up with horrible communication and horrible customer service. This is the future with Gamigo. Zero transparency and no respect for the most dedicated fans.

    I'm sure this post is falling on deaf ears but if any devs actually read this, we DON'T want you talking "confidently". We want you communicating with us regularly and letting us know when things didn't work out as planned or if there are problems that you haven't solved yet. It's okay to be uncertain and we definitely don't need compensation packages every time something goes haywire. We respect honesty way beyond sitting on the sidelines waiting for your PR department to feed us a line that they decided sounds confident.

    This game grew rapidly as Avarem was communicating with us regularly, giving us near daily updates as things broke or ideas were being tossed around. When that stopped everything started to go downhill. You could get that amazing community back if you quit being confident and started being humble.

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    While I certainly agree that the lack of communication is a problem, I will say that personally, since the maintenance yesterday, I've had very little lag in adventure worlds (U10 Geode has been the only place that I had any lag and it was only for about 20 seconds when I first loaded in).

    I do miss having dev members drop in on the forums to respond to threads (even if those threads weren't development related), as it felt like it built a sense of community between the dev team and the players. I will say there are some times when the community hype about hints or announcements sometimes fell flat when the feature was released or postponed, but the trust built by the devs interest and communication with the players softened those a lot, since we knew that the devs were listening.

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    The problem as I see it is that the Devs aren't listening often enough, they're being completely neglectful. Even when big issues get brought up, they hardly communicate on it. When they do, they articulate it in the worst ways. The amount communication or lack thereof is astounding even for a small company. I don't expect a reply to every single post but this is ridiculous. This thread was even moved and yet no comment by an official has been made yet. Someone on the inside saw the post, moved it, and left it at that... What the heck. Seriously? Is this supposed to be some kind of damage control from the PR team by moving it to Off Topic?

    Even more so is their lack of care for the game's service as a whole. How many years has it been so far with players left and right begging for better servers? How many more years do players have to deal with rubber banding and disconnections? Trove is the only game I've ever played to have either of these problems as a recurring, chronic issue. No other game I've ever played has had these sorts of issues for more than 1 or 2 days at a time. Yet Trove has been plagued by them for YEARS. How in the hell does that make any sense? You'd think the Devs would take a hint by this point and improve, not just by refining their game; but their equipment as well.

    It's sad to think that Trove has been neglected on the technical side so much considering how you kind of need good equipment to run a game in the first place. What good is an update anyway if the servers are almost unplayable? I even died yesterday in U10 because the Steam Client crashed. The cause? Trove. Only Trove. Trove has caused my Steam Client to crash so many times now it's almost unbelievable. This didn't use to happen. It only started happening about 2 months ago give or take. But that's besides the point. Trove is the only game to cause the entire client to crash, forcing me to sign right back in. How the hell does that even happen.

    I love Trove, it's fun for what it is and I enjoy it. I've clocked well over 2000 hours and I still have some fun. However, for as much as I love the game; even I've considered quitting completely. The constant problems that plague this game make enjoying it difficult, and if these issues persist... I can honestly say with all genuineness that I can't see myself playing for a year or 2 longer, with vastly diminishing playtime. Maybe 1 or 2 hour sessions instead of the usual 4 or 5 I normally play. My feelings for any progress towards the game have already gone way past skeptic into very pessimistic. Every time I open Trove, I can't help but feel a tinge of cynicism from the Glyph Launcher.

    The company really needs to stop dragging their feet and start showing some promise. If they don't, I honestly can't see the PC community sticking around much longer and the game itself with it. Recent Steam reviews have started tanking at only 66% (Mixed). The stigma is so bad that I wouldn't be surprised if people started leaving for the so called "Cube World" game releasing only 2 days from now.
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