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Thread: Trove | BOTS

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    Thank you for your support <33 I think I'll stop playing this game after a while. They just ignore it. They ignore so many problems.

    This screenshot from yesterday

    The person nicknamed "PykeStoleMyBike" is using script. Look what I'll show you now

    They make unfair profits even from contest. You remember the fishing contest, right ? I remember very well. I remember very well that the topic was deleted.

    Yes, I sent tickets. They haven't answered my ticket in 15 days.

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    You know speaking of bots they are right here on these forums. They steal old posts from Reddit and post them on here. 2 days later spam links show up in an edit. There are literally links to graphic adult websites on here and they do nothing about it even after I have reported it repeatedly.

    Trove has always had its fair share of problems, but things have really taken a a turn for the worse in the last few months.

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    Hello helloooooo

    This screenshot from 4 minute ago

    The same person keeps doing the same thing ^^ Not banned for 3 months. The ticket I sent has not been answered for 19 days. I'm still waiting

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    I've identified users who use bots. I recorded a video about them. I sent tickets about them. They responded 19 days later. It's been 26 days with today. I saw them again today. Yeah, same person. He was continuing to use the bots.

    What I said in my earlier posts happened. Within a short time different groups started using bots. I hope they don't delete this post. This is my last post about this. Final screenshot

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    The bots and cheats really do ruin the spirit of the game. Ran into a cheater or two in my time, but the bots are definitely way more prevalent.

    My own suggestion for dealing with the Bomber Royale bots would be to make the rewards less easily automated; in particular, don't give out coins based on position, but rather something that requires some modicum of activity such as damage dealt. Or put special pickups around the map randomly that give coins. Winning games can give you a better multiplier/rate on how much you need to do to get coin rewards, but by itself shouldn't give you any coins.

    It'd have to be done with the inevitable Season 3 rewards though, as Season 2 is way too far gone at this point unfortunately...

    Fishing bots on the other hand, not sure what Trove can really do there. Making any changes to fishing would ultimately be figured out and the bots would just keep automating it. It can be made more difficult to automate, certainly, but fishing is a rather repetitive gameplay loop with little in the way of inherent variables.

    * * *

    As for cheaters, their numbers are smaller and once the botting epidemic is dealt with it should be easier to focus on those who would do things like staying up in the air forever. Definitely would like to see cheats patched out, or at the very least dealt with via banning the offenders.

    * * *

    It's never easy to tell where the lines should be drawn for some stuff - oversights or game design choices that lead to really efficient grinds on some things, like K10 farms for example (which I personally consider a "clever use of game mechanics" that anybody who understands the game well enough can do). But there is most certainly something breaking the spirit of the game with bots/cheats that are utilized purely for self profit...that's not right and it needs to be dealt with, preferably sooner rather than later.

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    yes, there is far too much BOT gold cheater on trove.
    many use the BR for moneys, with afk or bot accounts.
    And the fishing bots, I see too much club with small perso fishing in automatic,
    just take the active club portals with names a little special on the hub.
    there is a lot of active player using multi-account and he will tell you I do not cheat,
    I have the right to count on me for resources or STs. there are far too many people who use other TP functions or can be speed hack
    with the contest we know who used systems.
    when you see people with ign1 ign2 ignn1 ignn2 for example. 'name is not real name' with more than you on 8 account or in the top on the contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer Haas View Post
    You know speaking of bots they are right here on these forums. They steal old posts from Reddit and post them on here. 2 days later spam links show up in an edit. There are literally links to graphic adult websites on here and they do nothing about it even after I have reported it repeatedly.
    Quote Originally Posted by ruthvstephano View Post
    (Previous post quoting the first post of the thread with links edited in)
    Irony at its finest.

    * * *

    But the solution of removing glim from fish might not help as much as you'd think. People would still sell Jadefins for profit since they're in high demand for the Bubble Dragon, and you'd still also need ancient/enchanted scales to craft some stuff too. If glim was removed from looting fish, the prices of those things would probably increase to compensate.

    As for the initial post's third fishing step/suggestion, making all of that stuff non-tradable basically just walls off a good chunk of mastery behind a very repetitive and boring activity, with no recourse for a player but to go through that grind. Fishing is a bit longer of a grind than you might consider, if you're aiming to get all of the possible mastery from things it touches:

    - 15k fish badge
    - All the rares from different biome/liquid/height combinations
    - All the ancient/enchanted scales to craft rods/ships/etc
    - All 1.8k Jadefins to craft Sarsaponia, the Pristine dragon
    - Getting the very rare Wish Fisher rod, which might not even happen within the first 15k fish caught

    Not to mention that, if you also made glim untradable, that's locking far far more stuff behind grinding. Gardening in particular would be untenable if you had to get your own glim. Rapt Berserker, Chronomancer Qubesly, and Prefect Penguin are all fairly closely tied to the value of glim, as you need to spend glim on a chance to get them; if glim is made untradable what would that do to these critically important allies?

    The changes might be enough to get some people to stop botting to sell these things to others if it can't be traded, but the people who would have bought these things in the past now face that ethical dilemma of whether to bot themselves. And it still hits the economy - regardless of whether things are tradable or not, it still consumes resource inputs, and also time for those who have the honor to do things the right way. Time and resources that could have been spent on some other facet of the game grinding something that was still tradable.

    * * *

    tl; dr - Making stuff untradable is NOT the answer here, you'd have to lock down a ton of stuff to make sure people couldn't profit. Making fishing give such little reward that people wouldn't want to bot it is also NOT the answer here since that would have cascading effects through a good portion of the game.

    If there is anything that can be done with fishing, I'd propose changes like these:

    1) Slow the gain of resources if you've been having a really long fishing session. For example, if you've been fishing for more than 30-60 minutes, make the fish start taking at least twice as long to catch.
    2) Add in special bait that can catch multiple fish at once. Maybe you could switch the Fishing Lure Factuary to provide this type of bait instead and it won't be such a joke. :P

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