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Thread: Geodian Protection Fund Donation crafting station?

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    Question Geodian Protection Fund Donation crafting station?

    Hello all! I don't really go on forums much at all, however I felt this was a need to showcase this. Recently I've seen ScythePlay's video about this new update and what to see that comes with it. However I have discovered something very random and apparently seemingly rare in Geode.

    At the Outpost to where you obtain the Geode quests to get more Adventurine, I have discovered a strange workstation called "Geodian Protection Fund Donation" which has 6 items called "GPFD" (same name). And requires materials from the Caves of Geode. And it also seems this workstation isn't at all of the Outposts either only certain ones?

    Now crazy thing is, that being this is the PTS, I had some left over materials in stacks from when Geode came out, and apparently I have found the easiest way to obtain Keys for the Locked Adventure boxes. But this begs the question though, what is the point of having the merchant that sells you keys for Adventurine when this workstation literally gives you them for free?

    Here's an example, I have x79,000 Ancient gears from the old Geode update, and seeing that I don't have a use for them on anything else, might as well test this new way lol. But anyways, the GPFD requires 1 gear per 1 Donation. So..having 79k you can image thats a lot of donations.

    The items it gives you for using your materials is basically all the adventure chests (except Locked ones) in the game. It gives you seemly around 1 locked key per 2 Donations (because it doesn't drop every time).

    It also has a "chance" to drop the very rare Ally Pixel which has the Dark stat on it, the same one that Scythe was talking about in his video. Now granted..no one is going to have 79,000 gears on Live server, but still I'm just testing this to see how "rare" everything is from these donations.

    Now..the Pixel ally is correct, it has a dark stat of 50, and a 1% Adventurine Gain boost, however it seems anyone can obtain this ally extremely eaisly through this crafting method, after crafting only 9999 of the donations, I manage to get 49 of the Pixel Ally. Crazy right? More crazy then that though, just from crafting a stack of the donations I manage to obtain 1200 Locked adventure keys.

    Now as I said before, I am not sure if the keys are suppose to even be dropping from this at all, but seeing the merchants selling a key for 500 adventurine yet getting 1200 from a stack of materials without spending any Adventurine, idk, something about that just seems a bit strange. Just seems broken.

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    broken would be the other donation station in medieval, 350 mushroom chunks for a donation when they limited us to 500 plants per clubworld? 1K glim? that's already in short supply from gardening (Quality and Superior heaps for temper/musk), plus they 'fixed' the market so we can't list stacks of items over 9999 even though we saw the system can do it for months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraithhunter View Post
    I am not sure if the keys are suppose to even be dropping from this at all
    Yes it's in the patch notes
    They would have to be placeholder Amount's.

    Would like to see a shadower tower one that takes all the forged souls & Forge Fragments

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