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Thread: Anyone else tired of this login screen...

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    Anyone else tired of this login screen...

    It's bad. So bad. I would even be happy with some rubberbanding, laggy play. I can't even login without around 20-30 attempts. I cant get past AS:Login. If I do, its never for more than 10mins unless i just sit in the HUB.

    I was gonna buy a golden chaos chest pack. And I've been trying to garden. I have spent about 5-6hrs playing today but only actually in game maybe a total of 30mins spread out over about ten 5-10min sessions. I can't get past 2 ST floors, can't get anywhere from club world, keep winding up in the HUB instead of the world I try to go to. It's been a mess. Apparently something is going because I've been trying to log in past 15mins & suddenly I was in queue position 10 then timed out again. It's been this way since the big "12 hour move".

    Pretty big bummer since I work weekend nights so I haven't really played in nearly 2wks. Everything was fine last weekend but I worked, 1st day off was the server move & the dang thing was down until halfway through my 1st night back at work. I was able to login & play a little (by choice- need sleep too LOL) over this weekend even tho it was laggy but, of course, it looks like I won't even be able to login on my days off this stretch.

    Sad part is, I haven't been able to play in so long that I barely even care anymore. It sucks but it's to the point now that its expected. I'm getting dangerously close to be used to life without Trove & even though I don't want or plan to stop playing, I'm losing interest every day now.


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    deleted deleted

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    I think i've found a way to get into trove without being stuck at As: Login screen. What i have done is wait until the intro to trove is over with then wait about 30 seconds until i hit the 'play' button. Your welcome to try this even if it might not work. Sadly, though, this does not stop the game from randomly crashing. If it does work flawlessly, please share this with other people who are having the same issue. Lets hope trove attempts to solve this problem.

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    Help me please i'm at my witt's end Time4JellySchool is my psn and trove gamer tag

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    Now stuck in as: connecting since around noon.... RIP yet another gem day!!??

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