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Thread: Login issues

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    Login issues

    Welp, after a "few" attempts i was able to login in do a few thing in my club, but then i tried to leave club. Got kicked and i been trying to login in between reading forum posts and still can't get logged in. Love the game and will keep playing just going to take a break from staring at the Trove load screens for now. It's 1 boss fight i just can't get passed at this time

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    I was able to login for a 2nd time today. Tried to change worlds again. Once i selected where i wanted to go i started to mess with mp. I was able to claim all the item i sold and put 4 items back up before i got a load screen. After a long load screen i finished filling my mp slots before grabbing a quest. After another 30 sec delay before load screen i get kicked again and can't login within 2 attempts so i closed app and on to something else again.

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    Login issues

    If u try to switch worlds it works sometimes but alot it doesnt say anything at bottom and wont load. I also cant get shadow towers done today it just kicks me out and in chat it takes 5+ Sec for in to even show in chat.

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    Yay! I logged on and was just out doing some mining and needed to to go back to club to make some bombs. Low and behold i couldn't go there using club list or my quick chat. I post something in club chat about it and noticed a 30 sec delay in message getting posted so i post that and count, yep 30 sec+/- . Now back to mining the hard way 5 minutes +/- later i get a loading screen. Wow, i'm back at me club guess i'll make some bombs. Nope, another load screen pops up. Yay! Dc'd.... AS: login NO!! Not again

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    It's really hard to stay positive about all this when the devs continuously give us false hope without telling us what the issue is or how we could help them fix it. I'm sure if they asked the community to help pay for new servers or donations to get more stable connections there would be quite the surprise in people ready to help. I know I'd be first on the list to pay $150 to get a complimentary "thanks-for-your-help" mount to go towards the server stability.

    It would be unorthodox for a game company for sure, but I'm sure I'm not the only one out there thinking there's no game like trove and it deserves better than this.

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    Just got kicked and can't log back in.

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    Guess i have to play a differt game. This is why i'm not placing habitats right now. Going from to 25-30 habitats in my club to zero slowly

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    hi, i don't know but i was able to get through this boss.
    Since the tenth time it has passed

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    Ya it changed from AS:slogin to AS:s Connecting....

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