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Thread: [QOL Suggestion]Reticule colour changing when over a mob

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    [QOL Suggestion]Reticule colour changing when over a mob

    Currently the circle reticule in the center of the screen is a fixed white colour. I'm proposing that when you mouseover a mob that's in range, it changes from white to red so that you know you're too far back or have room to go further still.

    Charged shots (Gunslinger M2, SH M2)
    I have a hard time knowing when the shot is fully charged. Sometimes I release too early (insert joke here) and other times I'm firing too late. Perhaps when we are using m2, the color of the reticule can change to a different colour when the shot is fully charged. I know GS has 2 rings around the weapon when it's charged but it's much harder to accurately predict the SH's fully charged state.

    If colour of the reticule isn't an option then perhaps another indication. Maybe the circle reticule changes to a diamond or a solid dot when the shot is fully charged...
    Suggestions: Reticule Colour | Mob Auras
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    I would love this so much
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    I think it should have the ability to invert any colors behind the reticle/cross hair. Currently the white can only go so far, it gets totally lost in the confusion of VFX in a group environment. This is why I made the reticle in my gui green like in a F35 or the hud in a fighter jet, but we have the technology to do much better! Also, having the reticle change based on the actions of the user would be nice, once you have the charged show it goes to a different style. Or like bragi said. Or anything byt what we have now.

    See how it is the exact inverse of the colors around it?

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    I am all for this, using the reticle to convey information to us, by color, shape, etc. I would find range information (as mentioned by the op) for m1 skills extremely useful for starters.

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    I would also like to see something done with this, as I have a bad habit of losing sight of it as well.

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