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Thread: subclass help please

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    subclass help please

    ok so i would like someones opinion on this please so i am play as a shadow hunter powerrank 7k and i am a solo player and i was wondering if haveing the revenant subclass with my shadow hunter would work well because i get into situations were i do a lot of dmg but i end up dieing to quickly and if i am reading it right i got 1% hp for every hit if this is just dumb please tell me some better ideas

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    Ya you could use it until you get death defy vial. Rev sub works real good with sh. You'll be sacrificing mf from pc sub or movement speed on a mount from knight sub tho. I'd focus on getting to level 30 if your not so that you can use all of your gems. You could also put health on your gear for a little more survivability.

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