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Thread: Bring back old pvp

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    Lightbulb Bring back old pvp

    I know that pvp is still technically in the game but as for xbox and Iím sure both pc and ps4 have the same issue no one notices it in club worlds. It takes hours to find people that want to play because people donít want to wait hours to play or donít hav the characters because of its unbalanced play. Class specific banners may be able to fix that because rn because there is only 1 character that dominants and makes it extremely unfair unless you play that character too (icesage). Would it really be hard to add the pvp portals back into the hub because they are already in the game and how fast it took you guys to replace it with bomber royale people should be able to pick what they want to play not be specifically 1 because itís in the hub and people know it exists. Not to mention you guys have a achievement that is almost impossible to get. The dev meowser after saying they should bring back old pvp tells me itís in clubs if the devs want to acknowledge its existence is still in the game why donít they play it for their events or partyís they rarely have. If a dev reads this I have no hate towards you guys I just wish you were a little more active in the community on all platforms and can actually give us constant updates for stuff like what is happening with the leaderboards and when are we expecting it to be fixed donít give us a time for when it is going to happen because every undated or change has mostly been delayed. Just estimate the time people wonít get mad because they will probably expect it to be long than giving us your word itís gonna happen on this day than some issue changes that. Iím not trying to make this sound like a rant just trying to give feedback from playing this game for many years.

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    The old pvp was unfair, we all know and I am not a pvp or better say Bomber Royale fan, but I had my fun in old pvp, althought I had no chance to win. But I said to myselve: "Wow, once I will be so strong ... lets find out how ...". I build mini-games and pvp in my club, and bang, BR made it useless. Or better to say: No rewards in pvp ... so sad ... never found enough people to play ... so sad, pvp was unfair but FUN.

    I would like some little REWARDS for playing mini-games and pvp in clubs. Without any reward no one will waste his/her time - not enough people to play.

    With some rewards more people would like to play it and btw enjoy the creatiity of club builders. 2 people in my club want to build pvp or mini-games, but after BR they stop their works.

    A way to find the games could be portals at hub, that for every game chooses a random club ... but I think this is only possible for pvp without flags, because some other games may be not playable, because someone just rebuilds it or never finished it ...

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