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Thread: Racing challenge is broken

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    Racing challenge is broken

    I have always had problems with this challenge but now that you've moved servers and made everything laggier this challenge is just a punch in the face saying "no, you don't get dragon coins this hour"

    This was my experience with the racing challenge today:

    1) Challenge came up, I groaned.
    2) I teleported to hub and attempted to enter the portal. Disconnected
    3) I reloaded into the hub and attempted to enter the portal. Disconnected.
    4) I reloaded into the hub and entered the portal.
    5) I finished the race (37 loops hit, 37 sounds, 1:30 time) but apparently lagged through 4 loops.
    6) I reloaded into the hub and entered the portal. Disconnected.
    7) I reloaded into the hub and entered the portal.
    8) Halfway through the race I got disconnected.
    9) time limit expired.

    This challenge being in the game should be considered a bug at this point in time because players can't expect to complete any of the objectives.

    And that's just the lag problem.
    Race implies competition of which there really is none. Nobody came to see who is faster, they came for the dragon coins.
    You need a mod to even be able to see the rings.
    The wings of other players fill your whole screen at the beginning.
    The two "powerups" are completely useless.
    It's challenging but no amount of skill can help you win.

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    Lol, this isn't a bug... whole game is just running like hot garbage right now. Not being able to see the rings without a mod is just design fail. and should have been addressed a long time ago. Should not NEED a mod for any part of the game. Most players just wish they would get rid of this challenge altogether, but a few say they like it... i'm not one of them.

    A REAL bug is in the coin collect challenges when you run through coins and even here the sound, then look back and those coins just reappear and you didn't get credit for them... that, and players falling under the map and dying. I think these "bugs" have more to do with Troves horrible performance though and the maps not loading properly sometimes.

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